Native Foods Cafe Review





The  Arrival  Of Native Foods  Cafe

The city of Chicago can now boast about having one of the best vegan fast restaurants in the Midwest.  Why not, it was the brain  child of a Chicago native, Tanya Petrova, who started it in 1994.  Coming all the way from Palms Springs, California  this warm and welcoming place offers some of the best vegan food that has hit this town.  I will even go out on the limb to bet that the steak and potato crowd could find something on this menu to satisfy their palates.   All menu offering are priced under $10.00 and according to the manager are made from scratch daily.   The Portobello and Sausage Burger was one of the most flavorful items on the menu that I have experienced thus far with a choice of sides (e.g. natives fries, mini-greens salad, daily soup, etc.).  My only beef (no pun intended) was the absence of 100 % whole-wheat buns and pizza dough.  On a sweeter note you can find desserts and some of the teas sweetened with agave. With the coming trend of eating less animal foods, which is what a physician, who is following the latest nutritional research would be advising.  Native Foods Café  is a good alternative for you fast food lovers, who have an open mind.   There are three locations.  Check it out!! At  Open Daily 11 am – 10 pm.



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